Kerb Appeal

Kerb Appeal is important, it’s the first impression a potential buyer gets of your home and we all know that first impressions count.

So here we have another 7 of our top tips on how to create the best first impression before the viewer has even stepped inside of your house:-

Giving driveways a good wash and getting rid of any bird mess will improve the feel of your garden dramatically, in fact making sure any tables and chairs, or walls are all as clean as possible is an all-round yes!

There’s nothing worse than the viewer not actually being able to find your house, and may put them off before they’ve even arrived, making sure you can see the house number or name from the road is a must.

Having a blooming garden is eye catching and with the right flowers can smell great too, it will give the feel that the gardens been looked after and is easy to maintain; but make sure you pick plants that are right for the season, so don’t go planting daffodils in September.

This pointer is pretty similar to the last, but we can’t stress enough how beneficial maintaining your garden is when selling your property, especially in the warmer months, letting people just imagine themselves sitting outside and enjoying the beautiful garden. However if you don’t have a big garden, or don’t have grass, or just have a balcony; don’t fret, we’ve got some tips for you next.

Staging isn’t just for inside your home, if you’re lacking a substantial garden or only have a concrete box it is so important to let your viewers see the potential. A simple table and chairs dressed with a table cloth in the sun will change their thought process from “Look at this tiny garden” to “what a lovely sunny spot to have breakfast”. Creating partitions with hammocks or raised beds may also create character. Another really easy thing to do is simply add some potted plants, especially if you’ve not got any grass, this will help the viewer see it as an actual garden rather than a concrete space you can’t do anything with.

Bringing the cleanliness point across again, keeping all windows clean not just the front ones will automatically make a potential buyer more attracted to your property. Make especially sure when you have little kids or pets that they don’t let little fingers or paw prints get onto those nice clean windows.

The last thing you want to see when viewing a house is a porch with peeling paint or a patchy stain, make sure when you decide to sell your property you give it a fresh lick of paint and set that great first impression.